Shocking news of IPL 2019

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              Shocking news of IPL 2019 ???

IPL mini auction is coming in December but a bad news is already coming from the australian board that in this year IPL Glane Maxwell and Aaron finch is no longer will be the part of the IPL 2019.

The cricket Australian board has put the restriction on Glane Maxwell and they didn't give the NOC(no objection certificate) certificate to the Maxwell.

The reason given by the Australian board is that they have to be fit for the coming world cup and he is the main player so I think he is not totally fit so the australian board take the decision to restrict them to playing in the IPL 2019.

The Aaron finch is also not will be the part of IPL and his name is also not given by the Australian board the reason is same as per the report that in coming world cup the David Warner and Steve smith will not may be the part of the world cup.

So both have to play in the National team of Australian and prepare themselves for the world cup.. 

It may be possible that australian board can give more name who may not will be the part of IPL 2019 and this is not good for the fans because these are the key players who entertain the people very much.

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