Why Delhi daredevil change their name and logo

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Why delhi daredevils change their name and logo

This year the Delhi daredevil change their name it's a shocking decision because in the carrier of 12 year this is not happen but suddenly according to officially update the Delhi daredevils change their name as well as logo.

delhi capitals
Delhi Daredevils

There are many reason that Delhi change their name and logo

The first reason is the success rate Delhi daredevils is not become success in the last 12 years and the finally they decided to change their name as Delhi capitals.

If the name can take a great impact on the game well it is acceptable.

The second reason is the lion mark this is world stacticts that if a team has a lion logo in his symbol the success rate of that team is high

For example :Chennai Super King

Chennai has the lion symbol and the success rate of Chennai is very high so this will be the reason that Delhi is putting the lion logo into his symbol.

The lion logo is may be the lucky chaam for the delhi.

The third reason is the ownership in this year two new owner are attach with Delhi daredevils with 50-50 percent share.

The new owner PARTH JINDAL didn't like the previous name of the team so they decided to change the name of the team.

Delhi is the capital of India so this name is given on the basis this.

The new name is Delhi capitals.


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