IPL 2019: Major Schedule updates

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      IPL 2019: Major Schedule update's

The schedule for the 2019 is not confirmed due to the election's in india.

The BCCI is not properly taking the decision because of election.

So here are some major update which is related to the schedule of the IPL 2019..

#1. Early start the schedule.

The Indian captain Virat Kohli confirm to the BCCI to start the ipl soon as possible because the Indian players need time to prepare themselves for the coming world cup .

Due to this the IPL which is start from 29 march now rumours saying it can be start early nearly 23 to 24 march.

This is the reported leak update that ipl will start from the 23 march 2019.


The BCCI board also send the letter to the election commission of India to confirm to the schedule of election that they can manage and fixed the schedule of ipl 2019.

But the election Commission of India didn't give any response to the BCCI.

As per the rule of the govt. they can't tell the schedule of coming election of 2019.
That's why BCCI is facing the 


If the whole matches has to be shift in outside India it may be held in south africa.

The BCCI send some of their inspector to check the stadium status for the ipl.

It was 50% confirm that ipl may be held outside the india due to election and some of the matches also can be shift to play in UAE.


The leaks are showing that in the month of April the Australia may be play a series with pakistan.

It was confirmed that if the tournament will held then definitely some player will go back to the australia.

Which will take a great impact on the ipl game because we all know that australian player entertain very well and there are some key player which are the backbone of the team's

For any querry related to the ipl Please comment down below


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