IPL NEWS: Why Amitabh bachan buying Rajasthan royal

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IPL NEWS: Why Amitabh bachan buying Rajasthan royal

Recently, The Rajasthan royal announce that they are solding their 50% share and after the announcement the bollywood star amitabh bachchan is looking very interesting in rajasthan royals

The Rajasthan royal has two owners one is Raj Kundra and second own is manoj badaley with 50% equal before the sports fixing..

After the sportes fixing in 2013 Raj Kundra and Shilpa Sheety left the Rajasthan royal and then rajasthan royals suffer from some financial crises..

Now finally rajasthan royals announce to sold their 50% share and Amitabh bachchan is planning to buy their 50% share..

The ipl is growing in the India very fastly and it is increasing year by year more which insure that buying the team is profitable for them.

Every year the profit margin increase by 20% to 30% which is also a big factor that Amitabh bachchan is buying Rajasthan royals.

The fan-following is also the big factor because if the Amitabh Bachchan comes with the Rajasthan royals than definitely the ads of the Rajasthan will be more and fans invest more money in rajasthan which eventually grow more profit to the Rajasthan royals..


The all thing is about money if the amitabh bachchan buy the 50% share of Rajasthan royals then definetly Rajasthan emerge from the financial crises and eventually will grow more profit because of 
the  fan-following of the amitabh bachchan

So buying the Rajasthan royals for amitabh bachchan is very profitable..
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