Top 10 unsold players of IPL 2019

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            Top 10 unsold players of IPL 2019

There are many shocking players who are unsold this year which are very big players.

The reason that why team didn't buy this player and the name of the player are given below in detail| lets discuss.


Brendom mccullum is a very effective and aggressive batsman and the base price of the mccullum for this year is 2 crore.

And the main factor that team didn't buy them is their age and the performance in the last 3 season of ipl that's why team usually avoid the aged players.


Chris woakes is also unsold player in this ipl season.
The base price of the woakes is 2 crore and the reason that teams didn't buy them is their regularity.

Chris woakes didn't play the full season of IPL they only play in April than they back down to their country.So team avoid those players who are not play full season.


Corey anderson's base price for the ipl 2019 is 2cr.
But due to the overprice no-one buy him if the base price of anderson is 1cr in auction then definitely someone easily hire them.

The performance of corey anderso is also the main factor in last three seasons of ipl the performance is not up to the mark and also in the international cricket they didn't performing well.

So this is the reason that none buy him.


Dale steyn is a fast bowler and in this year of ipl the base price of the dale steyn is 1.5cr but no one buy them.

Dayle styen is a injury prone player they injured in most matches buy taking this thing in the mind team's didn't buy him

Because if he injured in the tournament their is waste of money on them and the team has also has to face the problems in the bowling side.


Hasim amla is right hand batsman and the base price of the hasim amla for this year ipl is 1cr.

The reason is not clear that why they didn't buy the only reason that I personally think that their t-20 strike rate.The t-20 strike of amla is not too good so that's why he is unsold for ths year.


The base price of luke rochi for this year ipl is 75 lakhs.

The reason that why luke rochi is not taken in anybody team is not clear.

The reason that I think that the teams spots are totally fill and their is not space for them to adjust.


The base price of zazai is 50 lakh for this year ipl and in the recent afghan premiere league they hit 6 sixes on 6 ball which is a quite impressive.

The afghan premier league is not a big league and can't be compare to the international league that's why he is unsold for this year.


The base price of shahzad for this year of ipl is 50 lakhs which is a good price in my opinion.

The strike rate of mohammad shahzad is quite very impressive and he also make run's very fastly.

The reason that he is unsold this year is their fitness.His fitness is not to the point and team want's the player who is totally fit that's why he is unsold this year.


The base price of hales for this year ofi ipl is 1.5cr
which is very high.

So the reason that he is unsold for this year is their over base price if his base price is about 50 to 75 lakh's then defiantly someone easily buy him.


The base price of reza for this year of IPL is 50 lakhs rupees.

His performance is very good in  recent domestic league in Southafrica.

But all didn't know that very well that's why he is also unsold for this year of ipl.

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